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Grand Opening: MIIS Online Bookstore

That’s right! We have a bookstore.

Open 24 hours, seven days a week, The Monterey Institute’s Virtual Bookstore can now be found at Buy and sell your textbooks online with access to convenient, low-rate shipping offers.

What’s that you say? Nobody told you that California was foggy and cold? No problem! Stay warm AND stylish with awesome MIIS logo gear, and don’t worry about waiting in long lines in orientation week – you can do it all from your computer, anytime and anywhere!

Cool huh? How should you celebrate? How about by spending someone else’s money? Whether you’ve got student loans or a corner office – that’s always fun!

Along with Middlebury College we are giving away 20 gift certificates for $50 each, redeemable at both the Monterey and Middlebury online bookstores! Don’t tell me you couldn’t use a free book or some stylish new MIIS gear.
It’s easy to enter – Whether student or alum just follow these simple steps:

1) RSVP to the promotion event: (Say you’re coming!)

2) Visit the Middlebury College Bookstore page (link below) and do 2 things:

  • Become a fan of the Middlebury Bookstore
  • Become a friend of Robert Jansen (the manager of both bookstores) – he’s a friendly guy, he’ll accept your request right away!

There’s a link on the right hand side to do both:

That’s it. You’re done. You are now entered to win. How easy was that?

The winners will be announced on Friday September 5, 2008; each winner will receive a personal email.

In the meantime figure out what you’re gonna buy So many choices!


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