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07.28.08: Fine-Tuning the Art of Teaching

Like most Monterey Institute students this summer, those from the Graduate School of Language and Education Linguistics are out and about exploring internship and other professional opportunities! To
learn about their experiences – where they are and how they’re impacting the field of language teaching – read below!

Further enriching the Monterey Institute community, Claire Schadler (MATESOL/LPA) is Program Coordinator this year for the 6-week Summer Intensive English Preparation for Translation & Interpretation (EPTI) program which provides advanced language enhancement courses in English translation and interpretation for language professionals and students who have been admitted to the Graduate School of Translation & Interpretation (GSTI). Jeremy Robinson (MATFL-Spanish) is teaching two sections of a free, two-week, “mini-course” that he developed earlier this year in which students with Beginning through Native-Speaker proficiency levels learn reading, writing, speaking,
and listening skills in Spanish along with important skills in digital video creation, storytelling, and micropublishing on the internet.

Venturing outside of the cradle of the Monterey Bay area this summer, Meg MacDonald (MATFL-Chinese) is working as a Residential Advisor in the Chinese section at the Monterey-Middlebury Language Academy, a four-week language immersion summer camp for middle and high school
students near Burlington, Vermont. Jarred Brinkman (MATESOL) is teaching various audiences through collaboration with Middlebury College’s study abroad center in Chile as an intern at the Instituto Chileno Norteamericano, the bi-national center in Santiago, Chile.  Half a world away in Hanoi, Vietnam, Natalie Cole (MATESOL) is the first participant in a trial internship at Oxford English-UK, a private educational institution in that provides English training to primarily college students and young professionals. Over a period of 3 to 4 months, she will teach about 25 hours per week of English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) to Vietnamese learners in Hanoi.

Two MATESOL/LPA candidates are assisting with the Comunidad Autónoma de Madrid (CAM) teacher-training program being conducted in Madrid, Spain; Monterey, California; and Burlington, Vermont this summer. In Madrid, Greer Murphy is working with a group of in-service language instructors as they enrich their knowledge of language, culture, and bilingual education while Sylvia Popichak is working in Burlington with additional educators from Spain’s bilingual programs as they participate in academically-relevant cultural and social activities.


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