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09.22.08: MIXIng and Mingling in Monterey

On September 16th, the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) launched its official Japanese language community on MIXI, the wildly popular Japanese social networking site with an estimated 19 million users.
The MIIS community page on MIXI contains news and information for prospective students as well as networking opportunities for current students and alumni. Participation is open to anyone who has a MIXI account!

This MIIS/MIXI has links to the Institute’s other web based communities, including the English Facebook page, the YouTube site, and the official Monterey Institute web page. The community site is being coordinated by Rob Horgan from the MIIS Admissions Department and Fumihiko Tominaga from the Graduate School of International Policy Studies.

Rob and Fumihiko are currently gathering content for the site. They would be happy to help anyone on the MIIS campus (faculty, administration or students) who would like to promote projects, research, announcements or news in Japanese on the Japanese social networking site.


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