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08.25.08: The IPSS X-perience

The last few weeks of August are a time when the new student class – originating from locations across the globe – inundates the Monterey Institute campus…

But before this occurs, a veteran group of MIIS students – participants from the six-month, intensive International Professional Service Semester program – come home from far and wide, from Geneva, Vienna, Beijing, New York, and Washington DC. They return to us from prestigious organizations such as The United Nations, World Bank, and World Trade Organization, to share their practiced knowledge. On August 19th and 20th, these students convened in the McGowan Building to discuss the results of their field experiences and research at the 2008 IPSS Capstone Conference and Closing Ceremony: two days of panel presentations entitled “Effecting Change: Proactive Leadership in International Policy!”

For a list of MIIS program participants and their esteemed IPSS positions click here!

For more information about the International Professional Service Semester program -a program which can only be found at the Monterey Institute! – including how to apply for Spring 2010 and who to seek on campus for guidance follow this link.


06.30.08: From Geneva, a New MIIS YouTube Playlist!

Courtesy of Professor Jean duPreez’s interviewing prowess, a new playlist – which features several current students discussing their International Professional Service Semester(IPSS) experiences with the United Nations in Geneva – has been added to our YouTube Channel. The IPSS program provides unique, flexible, and challenging opportunities for policy students to gain six months of in-field learning in return for 12 academic credits. Learn more here.   

Or access the entire YouTube playlist here!
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Stay tuned until August for more news about returning students’ IPSS field experiences!