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Student Council ELECTIONS for 2009-2010 Postions

Below are the responsibilities for the positions on Student Council. Nominations will be accepted through The Foghorn from March 30 – April 10. (Yes, you can nominate yourself). Nominee speeches will take place on April 16 from 12 pm – 1 pm on April 16 at the Samson Center. The election will take place from April 16 – April 24. Finally, winners will be announced on April 24 at 6 pm at Happy Hour at the Samson Center.

The President shall have the general responsibility for coordinating the activities of the Student Council and for directing and publicizing the affairs of the Student Association. S/he shall preside at all Student Council meetings. The President shall be the lead representative of the Student Association in dealings with Monterey Institute’s faculty and staff, and with the community. S/he shall be the officially appointed student representative at meetings of the Monterey Institute Boards of Trustees.

The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes and acting as official time keeper of all Student Council meetings. S/he shall ensure that copies of the minutes of all Student Council meetings shall be distributed in a timely manner to all Student Association Officers, the President of the Monterey Institute, the Faculty Senate, the Student Council permanent records, the Student Council Online domain, the Library Reserve, and posted for public reading. S/he shall preside at Student Council meetings in the absence of the President, Vice-President, and the Treasurer.

Program Representatives
Program Representatives shall provide leadership by representing their Programs on the Student Council and coordinating various projects and activities within their Programs that will further the purpose of Student Council (see Article IV of the Constitution). They shall represent the Student Council members of their respective Programs in meetings with the Academic Deans of the Monterey Institute. Program Representatives shall present monthly and annual accounts of their activities to the Student Council and the Student Association. They shall also assist the other Officers in the administration of the Student Association.

For more information on Student Council positions or to read the Student Council Constitution, visit the Student Council First Class conference. Further questions can be directed to Addi Matthews (2nd Year MPA Rep), Luniya Msuku (1st Year IPS Rep) or Ashley Arrocha, Director of Student Affairs.